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Care Reflexology

A quiet, calming, space 

Session fees

What to expect from a reflexology session:

A first session will include about 10 minutes of gathering personal information to help inform the session.  A foot soak in warm or cool water with epsom salts and essential oil is offered to help with relaxation.  A massage table that has gentle heat, or a reclining Lafuma chair, is available.  Music of one's choice, or mine, is played for a more calming experience, and Monroe Institute Hemi-sync cd's are available.  Light essential oils can be applied, and the feet are usually reflexed first, followed by the hands or face.  Many people greatly enjoy the foot and facial combination.  After the session, clients usually take a few minutes to slowly be ready to get up and to face the day with a renewed sense of well-being.

As a Reflexologist or EFT Associate, Holly does not diagnose, treat, prescribe, or alter medication.  Reflexology or EFT are not substitutes for proper medical care.

Reflexology session 75 minutes                                 $60.00         

     feet, hands or facial combination

Package of three sessions (paid in advance)          $150.00


Homebound Services                                                 $60.00  


Cash or check only to be paid at time of service, or Pay Pal is accepted.