About Holly

Holly studied Reflexology with Kotan from the Academy of Radiant Health in Atlanta GA and Roz Zollinger with the HealCenter in Atlanta,  Later she studied with Tacy Apostolik of Healingscents in Weaverville, NC. to become certified as a Reflexologist in North Carolina.  She then met the requirements to become Nationally certified through the American Reflexology certification board (ARCB).   More recently, Holly became certified in face reflexology with Cynthia Hill, of the Academy of Reflective Wellness, in Salisbury, NC., in addition to studying Maternity Reflexology with Jenni Tribe.

Holly chose to study Reflexology as a way to serve others with a natural healing modality that is literally hands on. She enjoys seeing clients experiencing almost immediate deep relaxation and relief.  As a wife, mother and grandmother, she enjoys providing this relaxing healing touch to those she loves.

Before studying Reflexology, Holly earned a master's degree in Child Development and and Ed.S. in Professional Counseling, and is licensed in the state of Georgia as a Professional Counselor.

Holly is certified with the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), which is an independent testing agency for the field of reflexology.  ARCB  offers psychometric test validation which promotes higher standards of education, ensures public safety, and demonstrates practitioner commitment to the profession through self improvement and continuing education requirements with the identification of nationally certified practitioners. There is confidence by the public in the quality of services.




"I had never had reflexology before.  Holly came to my rescue recently when I injured myself at a get-together.  Her treatment allowed me to enjoy the rest of the weekend, and don't think I would have made it without her. Truly gifted with a very special touch." Debbie

"Ahhh..sedation without drugs."  Drew

"I have never felt so relaxed.  Thank you."  Donna

"I feel as though I am walking on clouds."  Ruth

"My feet do not hurt anymore!  Thank you."   Alice

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