​      Holly H. Erson, Ed.S.


       Caring Touch

                for your

       feet, hands, or face        


    *calming the nervous system

   *restored balance of all body systems   

   * deepened relaxation

   *improved circulation and oxygenation

   *reduced stress, tension and pain

   *an enhanced sense of well being

   *relief for tired, achy feet and hands

   *balance of mind, body and emotions      

   *an increased capacity for self healing



     Home visits are available.




ARCB Nationally Certified Reflexologist


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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a safe, nurturing art and science of applying healing touch to reflexes, located in zones and meridians of the feet, hands, ears and face, that reflect, and affect, all systems of the whole body.   Specific hand, thumb and finger pressure touch techniques are applied to these vital energy areas, for many reported calming and nurturing benefits, including...

Care Reflexology